Wilder West Adventures is operated by Mahesh Sanap. The pioneer of the first and only professional white water rafting operation in South India. Wilder West Adventure is a team of experts consisting of instructors from Nepal, India, UK and others for White Water Rafting and other Water Sports Activities around the river Kundalika.

Wilder West Adventures is well known for its various water sports activities across Kundalika river. Enjoy various adventure activities such as White Water Rafting, Scuba Diving, Waterfall Rappelling, Kayaking, River Crossing, Jet Ski, Bumper Ride, Mountain Biking, Paint Ball, Zip-Line, and much more

International Standards

Wilder West Adventure has an impeccable safety record following and maintaining the highest of international standards. All the members of Wilder West Adventure are qualified in Rescue and training in Sea and Rivers and all are having International and National rescue Sea Man and Flood Rescue Certificates under their belts. Wilder West Adventure have their own Quality Equipments and Gears to operate Water Sports and camping activities near KOLAD.

Our Team

Our instructors are highly motivated individuals who know the value of close personal attention and team work. Seasoned, mature, responsible & experts in their primary concern.One of the Worlds most captivating & thrilling Adventures is now near to you. The magical water of the Kundalikai River provides one of nature’s finest, fun-filled Roller Coaster Rides.

Our Guidance

In all the tours the highest international standards are followed and naturally all the necessary state of the art equipment is provided. At the start of each trip, professional guides will ensure that the guests are trained in the simple rafting skills required and are provided with a thorough safety briefing. All this takes place in the initial calm water i.e.. pool. After wards the guests will feel at ease and any questions or apprehensions they may have will be clearly answered.

Adventure Levels


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